Meet cosplayer Hannah indigo

Hey guys hope your all haveing a good week so far! I got together with Hannah last week (finally) to shoot some more work for my short beauty bath series, first let me just tell you a few things about Hannah.

not quite sure how I got to know her really but we have been talking about shooting together for a while now a long while ha. She's a cosplayer from stoke on Trent with a great range of characters under her belt, it's great to see people be so passionate about what they are doing and this can been seen through what she does the time and effort made in to doing all of these costumes is fantastic to be honest, anyway after the rise of the beauty series I started the end of 2016 we once spoke again about shooting together and we decided to mix the two together not in full costume thou as i wouldn't want these things to get ruined at all as I know the work that goes in to these as I have followed cosplayers for a while now.

We set up the shoot back at her house to make things easier so she had all that she needed for the shoot on hand and it gave me the space to set up as I needed to, we had decided to shoot two beauty styled sets and two of her cosplay sets so here we go I hope you like!

ill leave Hannah's Instagram down at the bottom

set one ivy  



Set two Harley  



Set three Beauty