Floating beauty


Afternoon all and I hope your all doing well, today's post is about a shoot I did a little while back which I'm now turning in to a short series 


It all came about speaking with friend about shooting something a bit different from my normal work and that's where we came up with this concept to shoot in water to try and show the beauty of the model and beauty of nature in this case water, it been such a beautiful and powerful part of nature we thought it would be awsome to use  


we had arranged the shoot at her home we several different ideas on how we would do this with laura, the day before the shoot she had messaged me saying her friend and fellow artist sophie wanted to be about of the shoot also! Which was fantastic 

here are some of the images from these two beautiful ladies  



After this shoot I got a lot of people wanting to continue this series with me so I had to continue you it with the beautiful pixie summer after our shoot for Beauty is not only ink deep seen in last weeks blog we headed back to do some more water based shoots



I hope you have all enjoyed these I'm currently on my way to shoot my next set like this with the beautiful Hannah Indigo Carruthers so I'll post some when I have some ready for you all.

until that hope you have a great day  

N ✌🏼